11 Best eCommerce Conferences to Attend in 2021

If you own, manage, or market an online business, no one understands just how difficult it is to keep up with change better than you. How do you keep yourself up-to-date with the landscape and grow your network? While there are many answers to that question, a promising route is to attend eCommerce conferences.

These retail/marketing conferences offer a great opportunity to interact with other players, learn from leaders, and stay up-to-date with the latest trends driving the global eCommerce industry.

To that end, I’ve compiled a list of the best eCommerce conferences happening in North America and Europe this year.

Let’s jump right in.

DTC DAY – An eCommerce Conference That You Just Can’t Miss

If there’s one eCommerce conference that you attend this year, it has to be DTC DAY LIVE.

Held every year in North America, DTC DAY is one of the biggest eCommerce conferences focused on direct-to-customer brands.

DTC DAY invites eCommerce business owners, marketers, and enthusiasts from all over the world to share insights, discuss the future of the industry and key DTC trends, and of course, make meaningful connections.

With over 524 brands and 1,000 attendees all set to attend, you won’t want to miss out on all the learning and networking opportunities that the conference has to offer.

11 Best eCommerce Conferences to Look Forward to This Year

We’re almost halfway into 2021 and have already witnessed some of the best events, such as the NRF: Retail’s Big Show, West Coast eCommerce Summit, and Future of Retail & eCommerce, take place.

However, there are still some set to take place and those that have been rescheduled to a later date.

Here are the top eCommerce conferences to look forward to for the remainder of 2021:


Date: June 9 -11

Location: Online, Attend from anywhere in the world

Price: $1,000 (for brands and retailers) and $1,500 (for attendees)

The most anticipated D2C conference of the year, DTC DAY LIVE is scheduled for early-June.

The 3-day conference will kick-off with open networking and breakfast on the first day. The remaining two days will be full of speaker sessions, workshops, and networking events divided into timeslots. 

While the jury’s still out on the exact agenda, the conference will invite business leaders and hotshot marketers to discuss and celebrate:

  • Real-life strategies that are working for the leading brands
  • Growth tips for business owners and marketers to scale their ventures
  • Brands who are giving back to society with ethical practices

Apply to attend today for DTC DAY LIVE 2021 and take advantage of the early bird discount.

2. eTail Canada

Date: August 24 – 26

Venue: Hyatt Regency (Toronto, ON)

Price: $1,999 (for brands and retailers) and $3,599 (for other attendees)

eTail is an “eCommerce and omnichannel retail” conference, aimed at equipping business owners, digital marketing specialists, and other eCommerce professionals with the knowledge they need to scale their ventures.

The annual conference, which lasts 3 days, invites industry leaders from all over Canada and beyond to share their insights on the latest trends and talk about what’s working for them.

This year’s featured speakers include the likes of Drew Green (CEO and President, Indochino), Susan O’Brien (CMO at the Canadian Tire Corporation), and Julian Gleizer (CEO and Founder, Inabuggy), to name a few.

Here’s a breakdown of the agenda for this year’s eTail Canada:

  • Day 1 – group discussions and meetings about emerging technologies, search, and SEO
  • Day 2 – speaker sessions, discussions, and more on personalized shopping experiences
  • Day 3 – discussions and sessions about building customer loyalty

The conference offers team discounts for brands and retailers. You can register here.

3. B2B Online

Date: TBA (2021)

Venue: TBA

Price: $1,399 (for manufacturers and distributors) and $3,299 (for solution providers)

B2B Online is a digital marketing and eCommerce conference for manufacturers and distributors.

The conference is aimed at sharing the latest insights, insider secrets, and more – helping attendees improve their manufacturing, distribution, and supply chain strategies.

This year’s B2B Online conference will invite speakers from leading companies, such as Avnet, Unilever, 3M, and Schneider Electric.

Furthermore, the management has yet to publish an updated agenda. Originally, the agenda included keynote sessions, roundtables, and an Oxford-style debate on digital innovation and optimizing customer journeys – spread out over 3 days.

You can visit their pricing page to register.

4. CommerceNext

Date: January 20 – 21 

Venue: Hilton Midtown (New York City, NY)

Price: $795 (for retailers and DTC brands)

CommerceNext is a 2-day long eCommerce and retail conference aimed at discussing new developments in digital marketing and online retail industries.

The event is broken down into several speaker and breakout sessions.

This year’s CommerceNext is all about understanding customer acquisition. Over 80 seasoned professionals from the leading eCommerce and tech companies are invited to understand the rapidly evolving consumer behavior, preferences, and technology.

The event will consist of over 24 breakout sessions and 11 keynote sessions on digital marketing.

To wrap things up in style, an award ceremony will recognize industry leaders for their accomplishments.

With over 700+ confirmed attendees, CommerceNext is a one-of-a-kind opportunity for digital marketing professionals and online business owners to meet new, like-minded people and expand their networks.

Visit this page if you’d like to attend or sponsor the conference.

5. Chicago eCommerce Summit

Date: September 14 

Venue: Hyatt McCormick Place, Chicago, IL 

Price: TBA

A part of Retail Summits – a community that works towards the betterment of the retail industry – the Chicago eCommerce Summit is expected to kick-off in mid-September 2021.

The 2-day long summit will revolve around key areas of online retail – such as creating customer experiences, loyalty, logistics, payments, and much more.

The purpose of this conference is to spark conversations on leveraging high-level content and discussions with customers.

With speakers from renowned companies attending, attendees are in for some great learning opportunities.

Online sales for the tickets will soon open. Keep an eye out; you can check out details here.

6. eCommerce Expo London

Date: September 29 – 30 

Venue: ExCeL London (London, UK)

Price: TBA

Every year, the eCommerce Expo London, in association with IMRG, gathers eCommerce professionals from all over the world for interactive sessions regarding key areas of the industry.

After its phenomenal success in 2020, the eCommerce Expo London is returning this year.

The organizing committee still has to finalize the agenda for this conference. 

If you’re considering attending the eCommerce Expo London this year, you can register your interest (what you wish to be discussed at the event) on this page.

7. Savant eCommerce Stockholm 2021

Date: TBA

Venue: Fabriken Event AB (Stockholm, Sweden)

Price: €699 (for retailers) and €2,850 (for non-retailers)

Next up on my list of must-attend eCommerce conferences is Savant eCommerce Stockholm 2021.

After two consecutive years of success, the conference is returning this year with an interesting theme.

Managed by Savant Events, the conference invites eCommerce professionals (from managers and team leads to C-level executives) from different industries to shed light on key trends, discuss the dynamics of online marketplaces, and exchange insights.

This year’s Savant eCommerce Stockholm conference is all about discussing what the decade has in store for customer experience and omnichannel.

Attendees will get the opportunity to learn about tried-and-tested strategies to drive profits from leading Nordic brands, such as Volvo, Nespresso, and Wish.

All of this will be delivered through more than 12 hours of content, coupled with 11 hours of networking sessions.

If you’re interested in attending the event as a retailer, you can register here.

Click here to register if you’re a non-retailer/solution-provider.

8. eCom Sellers Summit 2021

Date: TBA

Venue: Online 

Price: TBA

The focus of the eCom Sellers Summit is to provide an eCommerce learning experience, where attendees walk away with a better understanding of the landscape and new ideas for strategies.

The end-goal isn’t to arrange an event that highlights the inspirational stories of founders, but one that helps attendees build successful eCommerce businesses.

Whether you’re interested in becoming an Amazon seller or selling your product through an independent platform, the 3-day long eCom Sellers Summit 2021 will provide learning opportunities that help you figure it all out.

Some of the key sessions include:

  • Secrets to YouTube marketing
  • Capturing customers with the power of storytelling
  • Mastering eCommerce SEO

And the list goes on.

In addition to the standard sessions, there will also be special virtual Mastermind sessions that will be exclusive to sellers earning $100,000 or more in revenue (including only 6-8 attendees per session).

You can learn more about it here

9. Retail Global Australia 2021

Date: March 29 – 31

Venue: Melbourne, AU

Price: AU$594 (retailer full pass)

Retail Global was founded by Phil Leahy (one of Australia’s leading eBay sellers) as a platform to offer support to retailers.

The Retail Global Australia conference entered its 6th consecutive year in 2021. 

This conferences aims to discuss the emerging trends of online marketplaces, including areas like logistics, social media, and more.

However, the main underlying goal is to educate and share insider secrets with the global retail community and help people sell more online.

You can show your interest by filling out a form on their main landing page.

10. Prosper Show

Date: July 12 – 15

Venue: West Gate Resort (Las Vegas, NV)

Price: TBA

Prosper Show is an annual eCommerce event that provides a learning platform for both established and growing Amazon sellers.

Every year, more than 1,000 Amazon sellers gather to share their secrets, network, and learn from one another.

The conference arranges educational resources and interactive sessions to help attendees learn how to sell more and scale their businesses.

This year’s Prosper Show will feature a wide variety of advanced sessions, including, but not limited to:

  • Automation tools and an advanced crash course on using them
  • Building a video strategy for Amazon
  • Advanced Chatbot ranking
  • Building brand loyalty
  • Amazon advertising structure

To get details about the tickets/passes for this year’s Prosper Show, visit this link.

11. Shoptalk

Date: March 27 – 30

Venue: Mandalay Bay (Las Vegas, NV)

Price: $2,450 (for attendees), $1,950 (for exhibitors and sponsors), $1,750 (for qualifying brands and retailers), and $1,950 (Investor Rate) 

Shoptalk is a leading event in online retail that gathers leaders from different industries across the globe.

Every year, more than 8,000 professionals – founders, C-level executives, directors, team leads, and managers – from different companies gather to network and learn about the future of online retail.

This year’s Shoptalk will feature 3 to 6 sessions every day, broken down into 4 tracks, along with networking breaks.

Tracks will include themes like:

  • Innovation in marketing
  • Emerging technology spotlight
  • Brand-Retailer relationship
  • Future of brands
  • Research and market insights

However, the noteworthy feature of Shoptalk 2021 will be its all-women speaker panel – a move that’s meant to celebrate the successful women in retail.

To register for this event, click here.

A Few More Noteworthy eCommerce Conferences

Here are a few more upcoming events that are worth mentioning:

It’s best to consider all your options before you plan your trip(s). 

Final Thoughts

As mentioned earlier, attending eCommerce conferences can help you gain industry secrets to scale your online business and attract leads for new business opportunities.

However, in light of the whole COVID-19 situation, most events are either being canceled, postponed, or being held online.

If you do register for any conferences, keep checking their websites to stay up-to-date with any new developments.