Announcing Our DTC 50 Most Influential List

Behind the list of leading thinkers, voices, and leaders in the digital-first space.

As DTC Magazine wraps up its first year, we wanted to create something that would honor the community whose creativity, ingenuity, and savvy, we’ve been observing and obsessing over. 

We’re proud to be launching our 50 Most Influential People in DTC list with an eye on the different aspects that make this space so unique. Of course, influence can mean a million things. And so, we asked a diverse collection of leaders from different vantage points in the DTC world to nominate the choices. Eventually, a few themes emerged: There are the Founders, who come up with world-changing concepts, the Thought Leaders, who help us understand where we are and where we’re going, the Marketers, who bring the concepts of DTC to the marketplace, the Innovators, who tinker and refine and create, the Investors, who see potential and offer advice and support, and the Media, who keep track and ask important questions. 

Many of these names will be familiar. Some of them are historic nods to pioneers that paved the way for other brands to emerge. Others are storytellers or makers or iconoclasts. All are worthy of our attention and deference. Check out the list here.

This is the first in a series of different features that will highlight the work and inventiveness across the DTC spectrum. We hope you enjoy and congratulations to our winners.