eTail Review: Should You Attend?

With so many eCommerce conferences taking place each year, it can be hard to decide which ones to go to. However, some conferences like eTail tend to stand out.

Mostly for both eCommerce leaders and successful retailers, eTail is one of the few names that have more than one conference per year.

Depending on your location, you can attend eTail West, eTail East, eTail Canada, or even eTail Europe –all of which are hosted by eTail solutions.

The conferences are known to introduce attendees to industry disruptors and innovators while providing access to networking events.

eTail West alone has a mix of 800 retailers and over 400 different retail companies from different industries.

In this article, we’ll discuss everything about eTail – from highlights of this year’s eTail West to what you can expect from eTail East 2020, as well as, the best alternative.

Let’s jump right in.

The Best eTail Alternative: DTC DAY

When it comes down to it, many conferences have popped up over the years – but none of them compare to DTC DAY, which should be your first choice if you’re looking to attend a conference.

DTC DAY is North America’s largest Direct-To-Consumer conference and gathers the biggest collection of brands, retailers, and eCommerce professionals in the United States. The conference has over 1,000 attendees every year along with more than 500 brands.

You will find several high-profile CEOs, managers, and founders of start-ups at the event. You’ll receive new knowledge and insights on all things marketing, sustainability, and strategy, all through the scope of DTC trends.

This year’s DTC DAY West conference will take place at Hudson Loft in Los Angeles, California from October 14 to 16. If you’re interested in the conference, you can register here.

eTail West 2020 Recap

eTail West is one of the most prominent annual eCommerce and omnichannel conferences and is held in Palm Springs, California – presented by Worldwide Business Research (WBR).

Considered a four-day retreat for attendees, eTail West provides them with insights and revenue-boosting strategies while also offering them a chance to make meaningful connections in the retail industry. According to the event organizers, there are no commercials, egos, or fluff and each session is designed to provide continuous insights and information.

This year’s eTail West took place from February 24-27, while eTail West 2021 will be held from the 22nd to the 25th of February 2021 at the JW Marriott in Palm Springs, CA.

eTail West 2020 Speakers

This year’s speaker lineup included several high-value speakers from world-renowned companies like Amazon and Walmart. Here are some of the top minds and most appreciated speakers from this year’s conference:

  • Paul J. Walsh, Global CDO at Lenovo
  • Kate Huyett, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at Bombas
  • Sanjeeth Cherian, Senior Director of Tech Product at Walmart
  • Nikhat Afza, Head of Personalization for Alexa, Devices, and Services at Amazon
  • Jodi Goldberg, Head of Industry of Retail at Google

This year’s speaker lineup was considered to be the best since the conference’s inception. If you want to apply to speak at eTail West 2021, you can do so here.

Most Prominent Sessions at eTail West 2020

With so many sessions, speakers, and events, this year’s conference provided tons of insights and information to soak in and act on. Here are some of the major takeaways from the most prominent sessions:

  • Personalization and Behavioral Marketing: Under the eCommerce and omnichannel growth drivers category, this session focused on taking customer experiences to new levels. It dove into how you can use technology to initiate growth and a case study on personalized product merchandising was shown to relay the message.
  • Driving Insights with AI and Data: This session was done as part of the evolution of digital and omnichannel marketing. The session talked about ways to leverage real-time data and AI to gain better insights and stay ahead of the competition. It further delved into how you can determine buyer intent using data-driven campaigns, as well as, how you can build lookalike personas to attract new customers.
  • D2C Expansion and Creating a Feedback Loop with Customers: This keynote session was part of the meet and collaborate category and discussed key lessons learned through DTC expansion. It also dove into the cycle of communication with customers. It detailed how this communication can lead to valuable feedback and be used to improve your brand.

If you want to check out these sessions or take a look at the presentations, you can do so here.

eTail East 2020

eTail East is the same as eTail West but it’s held in Boston, Massachusetts. It’s a 3-day conference that brings together digital marketing enthusiast, online retailers, and multichannel decision-makers under one roof. The event also features a tradeshow where brands can display new technologies, products, and services.

This year’s eTail East will be held from August 11-13 at The Sheraton in Boston.

eTail East 2020 Speakers

The speaker lineup at eTail East 2020 includes several founders, co-founders, VPs, SVPs, CEOs, and managers from renowned companies. Some of the more prominent ones include the following:

  • James Gregson, Director and Head of LEGO Social Studio at LEGO
  • Lindsay Mikos, Director of Omni-Channel Strategy and Programs at Walgreens
  • Adriana Knackfuss, Senior Global Marketing Category Director at The Coca-Cola Company
  • Rachana Kumar, VP of Engineering at Etsy
  • Hilary Fischer-Groban, Brand Director at THINX

The speaker lineup is still expanding and is expected to be complete by July. You can also apply to become a speaker – just visit this page, contact any of the directors, and submit a proposal.

eTail East 2020 Agenda

This year, the agenda for the conference includes omnichannel and online optimization, digital growth and transformation, and retail disruption.

  • Day One: The first day will focus on optimizing online and omnichannel experiences. The keynote will be about improving the omnichannel experience for your customers. Furthermore, there will be sessions on user experience, testing, and conversion optimization along with an emphasis on omnichannel and harmonious retail strategies. There will also be sessions on the customer journey and acquisition, as well as, retailer-only connections.
  • Day Two: The second day will focus on digital growth and transformation with a keynote on personalized product merchandising. The sessions will be about the importance of data and AI and why customer engagement, personalization, and content is important. Sessions on optimizing the eCommerce experience will be followed by meet and greet sessions.
  • Day Three: The third day will focus on retail disruption and the future of retail. The keynote will be on differentiating sustainability, followed by panel discussions on shaping customer experience and eCommerce leadership in today’s market.

You can download the complete conference agenda here by entering your information.

Should You Attend eTail?

eTail conferences have been taking place since 1999 and have gained a sizeable following in over two decades. The conferences are internationally recognized and are attended, sponsored, and endorsed by multinational companies.

It’s one of the biggest conferences in the world of retail, eCommerce, and DTC and can be attended by anyone in the industry.

It’s a great opportunity to not only learn what’s happening in different industrie but also allows you to gather new insights and get solutions to problems you might be facing.

Furthermore, you can network with high-level employees of major companies and develop meaningful business connections.

If you’re in retail, eCommerce, or any form of DTC business, eTail conferences are a good opportunity for you – so consider attending them.