Klaviyo Boston Review: Should You Attend?

Klaviyo is a dedicated marketing automation platform that is used by thousands of merchants around the world. To further help those merchants and other people wanting to use Klaviyo, the company started hosting Klaviyo Boston (Klaviyo: BOS).

The conference is held in Boston every year and is one of the bigger eCommerce gatherings in the US.

Attendees learn from Klaviyo’s leaders and product specialists who provide insights into the industry and the marketing platform itself. They also provide creative strategies you can use to grow your business.

Over the years, the conference has attracted several direct-to-consumer brands which have, in turn, only provided more opportunities for both the company and the attendees.

Continue reading to learn more about the conference and what you can expect from Klaviyo Boston this year.

The Best Alternative to Klaviyo Boston: DTC DAY

The eCommerce industry attracts many companies like Shopify, NRF NXT, and many more. However, if you have to choose any one conference, you can start with DTC DAY.

DTC DAY is the biggest gathering of direct-to-consumer brands in North America and is easily one of the biggest eCommerce conferences, in general. An annual event with more than 500 brands, and over 1,000 attendees, it gathers everyone from retailers to eCommerce enthusiasts and more.

The top-level employees of companies are given the stage to talk about new strategies, marketing channels, product management, personalization, DTC trends, and more.

DTC DAY West 2020 is set to take place on October 14-16 in Los Angeles, California, and you can register for it here.

What Exactly is Klaviyo Boston?

Klaviyo Boston (Klaviyo: BOS) is one of the biggest gatherings of eCommerce enthusiasts and Klaviyo users.

With new approaches to new topics popping up every day, such as machine learning, email marketing, data science, and other marketing company-related topics, the conference has an extremely diverse agenda.

The conference aims to help current Klaviyo users get a better understanding of the software while updating them on any changes made to it. Even if you’re not a Klaviyo user, attending Klaviyo Boston is bound to leave you with great insights and real-time data.

The company also invites people from other companies, industry leaders, and all-around eCommerce experts to speak at the conference.

As a Klaviyo user, the conference can act as an update on the tool and a way of getting answers to questions related to it.

It also provides a great opportunity for like-minded people to interact, develop connections, and find solutions to long-term answers.

Klaviyo Boston 2019 Recap

Last year’s 2019 Klaviyo Boston conference was a two-day event and its success prompted Klaviyo to expand into a 160,000 square foot office space. Last year’s conference also gave importance to people like site reliability engineers, product designers, product managers, software engineers, and other accomplices of success.

The conference had almost 950 attendees who were already part of the Klaviyo community. There were over 51 sessions including 18 growing customers of the company itself.

Over 343 one-on-ones were conducted by Klaviyo’s product, engineering, support, and success teams while over 1,622 Klaviyo swag items were given out – something to create brand awareness.

Furthermore, over 160 women joined the official Ladies of Ecomm Luncheon that is dedicated to celebrating women team members in the eCommerce industry.

According to most people, they always end up getting more ideas and insights than they expected.

Keynote Sessions

During the two-day conference, there were a total of five keynote sessions from both Klaviyo employees and other experts in the industry.

The keynotes were given in the following order:

  • The opening keynote was from Andrew Bialecki (Klaviyo’s CEO) and he talked about the email platform’s transformation into what it is today.
  • From there, Klaviyo’s Director of Product, Jake Cohen, gave the Product Keynote detailing how Klaviyo can be used with Magento, WooCommerce, Shopify, Shopify Plus, Big Commerce, and Commerce Cloud.
  • It was followed by a keynote from the CEO and Co-Founder of Hint, Kara Goldin, who provided insights into the inner-workings of her company.
  • Then, Kopari Beauty’s Chief Digital Officer, Megan Whitman, gave a keynote explaining her company’s journey into the eCommerce world.
  • The closing keynote was given by Eric Bandholz, the Founder and CEO of Beardbrand.

All of the keynotes were done by summit partners who provided personal information that can’t be found elsewhere, even on LinkedIn or Google.

Demos and Product Training

There were several in-depth product training sessions and demos throughout the conference. There was a session detailing how you can effectively continue earning money while you sleep by growing your revenue with flows.

There was also a session on how you can use Klaviyo to send SMS messages to expand your marketing strategy. Another session focused on gender prediction and send-time optimization to improve click-through and open rates.

One interesting session was on how you can use coupons to intentionally grow your revenue.

Tips and Tricks from Klaviyo Customers

There was also a brand spotlight session where Klaviyo customers shared their top tips and tricks on how to grow fast.

This included speakers from companies like Unilever, CurlMix, Purelei, Nobull, Solo Stove, Hylete, and Homage, among others.

The sessions talked about everything from the importance of content to tricks on improving and increasing performance. Different people provided different insights with regards to their company and industry, along with what worked for them and why.

Owned Marketing Sessions

Owned Marketing is Klaviyo’s approach to the importance of owning your digital channels.

There were a total of six sessions on it from folks from Shopify Plus, Hawkemedia, Magento, Tinuiti, Shoelace, and Forrester.

In these sessions, the rising costs of advertising were addressed and a detailed session was given on why paid advertising arbitrage is now over.

One of the sessions also touched on creating connections through different online and offline experiences. Another session relayed the importance of developing a retail strategy for the future rather than the present.

The other two sessions were about the changing meaning of success in the customer age and how eCommerce has led to a shift from email to CRM.

Klaviyo Boston 2020

The Klaviyo Boston 2020 conference will be held from August 26-27, 2020 in Boston, MA. The registration will open soon and you can also sign up for other Klaviyo events in the process.

With over 1,000 expected Klaviyo community members, product experts, and industry leaders, this year’s conference is expected to be the largest yet. You can register for updates on the conference here.

If you want to speak at the 2020 Klaviyo Boston conference, you can fill out the speaker application here and send a proposal. If accepted, you will be contacted by the company when the registrations open.

You can also choose to sponsor the event in different ways. However, the sponsorship applications will open approximately 3 months before the event.

Furthermore, this year’s conference will also be providing eCommerce insights with regards to COVID-19 and the pandemic. You can check out the progress of it and even take a poll here.

Should You Attend Klaviyo Boston?

Klaviyo Boston is designed to cater to everyone related to the Klaviyo platform in one way or another. Therefore, if you’re associated with the tool, you should attend the conference to learn more about it, learn new features, and get updates.

However, that doesn’t mean that others can’t attend the conference, as well. If you’re interested in using Klaviyo but aren’t sure, attending the conference can serve as a great way of seeing if it’s worth investing in.

It’s also a great opportunity to connect with industry leaders and experts and network with like-minded people.

All in all, if you’re interested in Klaviyo and want to get the latest insights into the tool and the eCommerce industry, you should consider attending Klaviyo Boston.