Stat of the Week: August 21, 2020

An industry once thought to be immune to eCommerce growth finds its foothold.

One year ago this week, a Gallup survey on online shopping in the U.S. prompted some pretty surprising headlines, including this one: 81% of US consumers say they never buy groceries online. It was, in many ways, an emblem of one market that seemed immune to eCommerce trends. After all, people love to see and touch the food they buy in stores, to check prices, and even nab a stray sample or two.

Then came the pandemic. And now, while grocery shopping did hit 24% saturation by the end of 2019, it is now poised to more than double by the beginning of next year. Much of that has to do with lockdowns and social distancing. But plenty of it also has to do with the smart outreach by grocers, frictionless operations, and multichannel offerings. As a result, a majority of Americans are expected to shop online for groceries in the coming months. That is a big deal.