Shoptalk Review: Should You Attend?

If you’re in the retail sector, there is a good chance that you’ve heard of conferences like Shoptalk and GroceryShop.

However, if you’ve been in the industry long enough, you’ll know that Shoptalk is known as the best retail conference in the United States. It’s an event that’s looked forward to every single year by everyone in the retail industry.

The conference gets over 8,500 attendees every year from all across the US. The attendees include CEOs, exhibitors, and even eCommerce professionals from technology companies like Google and Amazon.

Read on to learn more about Shoptalk and what you can expect in Shoptalk 2020.

The Best Alternative to Shoptalk: DTC DAY

While you may find many good conferences throughout the year and across the country, if you’re looking for a direct-to-consumer conference, your best bet is DTC DAY.

DTC DAY is one of the biggest DTC conferences in the United States and has over 1,000 attendees, including CEOs, managers, and founders of major companies and startups from all over.

It has over 500 brands from different industries and more than 30 sponsors to cover the 3-day event.

The conference is the biggest collection of brands, eCommerce professionals, and retailers in North America and is bound to provide you with the latest knowledge and insights. You can learn about everything from strategy to growth, sustainability, and DTC trends.

DTC DAY West 2020 will be held at Hudson Loft in Los Angeles, California from October 14-16. You can register for it here.

What Exactly is Shoptalk?

Shoptalk is considered the biggest and most well-known retail conference that regularly gets thousands of attendees, including CEOs, founders, managers, and industry experts.

It was founded in 2016 by Anil D. Aggarwal and Simran Rekhi Aggarwal, along with GroceryShop, both of which are now part of Hyve Group PLC.

The conference discusses the current situation and the future of retail with regards to several industries, such as beauty, electronics, home improvement, apparel and accessories, sports, food, and more.

Since its inception, the conference has made major strides and has effectively changed the retail industry’s digital community by providing direct-to-consumer companies, tech startups, brands, and established retailers an opportunity to come together and discuss the future of their industries.

The conference always has a renowned speaker lineup with experts from different industries. It even features experts from industries such as real estate who discuss different business models. The event has exhibitors, trade shows, and sessions for the guidance of various health safety organizations.

It’s an all-encompassing event brewing with new ideas and insights from all over.

Everything You Need to Know About Shoptalk 2020

Shoptalk 2020 was supposed to be held from March 22-25 at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, Nevada. However, because of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the dates were changed. The new dates were recently announced on Shoptalk’s social media and website are expected to be September 14-17.

The conference will be held in Las Vegas because it’s an easy flight to make from nearby tech hubs while also being the ideal place for large conferences and gatherings.

Speakers at Shoptalk 2020

Shoptalk has always had innovators and leaders from all kinds of industries and companies to provide a diverse outlook. The speakers come from all backgrounds, including retailers, startups, investing houses, and companies.

For the first time in not only Shoptalk history but also in the conference world, Shoptalk 2020 has a women-only speaker lineup. As of now, there are 281 women speakers confirmed while more are to be expected. The idea is to provide an opportunity for women in retail to provide insights, allowing everyone to understand the role women have played in the retail industry over the years.

Here are some of the more prominent keynote speakers of Shoptalk 2020:

  • Stephenie Landry, Vice President of Grocery Delivery at Amazon
  • Emma Chamberlain, CEO at Chamberlain Coffee
  • Brie Carere, Executive Vice President, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer at FedEx
  • Ruth Hartman, President of Lord & Taylor at Le Tote
  • Shawn Outler, Chief Diversity Officer at Macy’s, Inc.
  • Stephanie Buscemi, Chief Marketing Officer at Salesforce
  • Morgan Flatley, Chief Marketing Officer at McDonald’s USA
  • Rebecca Oman, Head of New Ventures at thredUP
  • Kathryn McLay President and CEO at Sam’s Club
  • Kathleen McLaughlin, Executive Vice President and Chief Sustainability Officer at Walmart Inc.

Among other speakers that are expected to provide an insightful session, here are some of the best:

  • Liyan Chen, International Corporate Affairs at Alibaba
  • Jennie Weber, Vice President of Customer and Employee Experience at Best Buy
  • Rebecca Skrak, Head of Business Operations at eBay
  • Eva Press, Vice President, US Global Business Group – CPG, Health, and Retail at Facebook

Though Shoptalk this year is dedicated to women in retail, from 2021 onwards, there will be a 50/50 ratio of men and women speakers at the conference.

Insightful Sessions and Keynotes at Shoptalk 2020

With over 200 keynotes and sessions throughout the conference, it can be hard to decide which ones to attend. Here are some of the sessions you should try not to miss out on:

  • Diversity and Inclusion in Retail: The keynote session will be delivered by c-level executives from Target, Macy’s Inc., and The Network of Executive Women. It will dive into the importance of inclusion and diversity in growing a retail business, as well as, how and why it can open you up to new audiences.
  • Innovations in Marketing: This session will dive deep down into experiential marketing and non-traditional forms of customer engagement, such as social contests, popup shops, and more. It will also be an introduction to new marketing platforms and partnerships.
  • Retail Zeitgeist 2020 – Trends Transforming the Industry: This keynote session will be given by Shoptalk’s Global Chief Content Officer, Zia Daniell Wigder. The keynote will outline the major trends in retail as of 2020, such as SMS marketing, sustainability, and brick-and-mortar expansions.

There are plenty of other sessions on things like social marketing, personalization, the future of retail, and brand-retailer relationships, among other things. You can learn more about the speakers and their sessions here.

Shoptalk 2020 Sponsors

Shoptalk has always had a wide range of sponsors from all industries. This year, over 600 tech and retail companies have sponsored the event or will be there as exhibitors.

The exhibit hall is expected to feature over 300 exhibitors and the conference’s Hosted Retailers & Brands Program is expected to have over 10,000 onsite meetings.

It’s a great opportunity to build brand awareness, launch new products and services, and engage with decision-makers.

This year, you can find renowned companies like Microsoft, Facebook, Google, Salesforce, Rakuten, and Synchrony, among others.

If you want to apply as a sponsor and exhibitor, you can do so here.

Should You Attend Shoptalk?

Excelling in the tech and retail industry is hard but it can be done through efficient and proper networking. Conferences like Shoptalk, especially when they’re the biggest retail conference in the US, provide the perfect opportunity to connect with the right prospects.

You can get tons of advice, insights, and knowledge while getting value from the connections you make. Additionally, you can effectively close deals, initiate partnerships, and learn about groundbreaking technology.

Shoptalk provides an all-in-one learning and networking opportunity for everyone in retail, tech, and the DTC world.

It’s the optimal choice for anyone looking to grow their retail business using proven insights.