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I believe that the way consumers communicate has changed. So, the way we market has to also change.

Here you will find a collection of my favorite books, videos, podcasts and articles. Everything you see on this page is something I've consumed and found extremely valuable.

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Growth Marketing

Ready Fire Aim: This book is by far one of the best business books I've ever read. Learn how to grow a startup from $0 to $1M. And how to scale to $10M and passed the $100M mark.

22 Immutable Laws of Marketing: There's nothing new under the sun. All of the marketing being done today is the same marketing being done decades ago. This book walks you through rules in the marketing worlds that have proven to be true time and time again.

Oversubscribed: I love this book because it taught me how to generate more business than I can handle. This is a great problem to have. The author does this so well by going over case studies from other brands and how they have been able to generate more business than they can handle intentionally.

Influencers I Admire

Aaron Orendorff
Reza Khadjavi
Raj Nijjer
Nik Sharma